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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an inquiry form instead of a chat assistant?

No, our focus is to make the tour booking and inquiry experience amazing for renters. Forms don’t answer questions and require staff to track leads 🙂

How is maintenance automated?

Your current tenants can visit your website and start a chat with River. River would ask them to explain the issue and to attach a photo. The details will then be added to the web portal for you to see and accept.  

Can you sync my current calendar?

Yes, your team’s google and/or office 365 calendar can be synced to capture busy times and show booked slots.

What does River do?

River is an AI-powered chat assistant that is built to answer queries from prospects, prequalify them according to the criteria you set and help them book a showing time. River also takes in maintenance requests. What sets River apart from dumb bots is that it understands context and maintains a fun conversational flow.

How is the pre-qualification criteria set?

You can add custom questions that you want River to ask to prospects inside the web portal. The same questions can also be used in an inquiry form.

What kind of questions can River answer?

Any type actually. Prospects can ask things like if there’s a fridge in the kitchen to how much is the security deposit.

When can prospective tenants complete a rental application?

After renters are pre-qualified, they will be atomically sent your rental application form. You will have to share the link to your form in the portal.

Will you be offering self-show lockboxes?

We’re working with lockbox providers to integrate self-showings into our system. This system will work seamlessly with our ID verification and pre-qualification system.

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